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Concrete is an album by Fear Factory, released on July 30, 2002. It contains songs recorded in 1991 which were intended to be the band's first release, half of which were re-recorded a year later and released on their debut album Soul of a New Machine.

Album information[edit]

Although released in 2002, Concrete was originally recorded in 1991 in Blackie Lawless's studios. It was intended to be Fear Factory's first release, but the band wasn't happy with the record deal they were in, so they left their producer, Ross Robinson.[citation needed]

When they were taken to court, Robinson won the rights to the album, and the band retained the rights to the songs.[citation needed] Fear Factory would later re-record eight of the songs for their 1992 debut, Soul of a New Machine, recording under the name "Factoría de Miedo" (Spanish for "Fear Factory") to hide from their label.[citation needed] Robinson would use the album to promote himself, eventually leading to him producing Korn, which would make him the most sought-after nu metal producer of the 1990s.[citation needed] After the band's breakup in 2002, Roadrunner Records released the album to help meet unfulfilled contractual obligations.[citation needed]


Eight of the songs on Concrete were re-recorded in 1992 and released on Soul of a New Machine: "Big God/Raped Souls", "Arise Above Oppression", "Crisis", "Escape Confusion", "Dragged Down by the Weight of Existence" (re-recorded as "W.O.E"), "Desecrate", "Suffer Age", and "Self Immolation". "Concrete" was later renamed as "Concreto" and re-recorded as a b-side for the "Dog Day Sunrise" single, and later appeared as a bonus track for the digipak release of Obsolete.

"Piss Christ" is not the same song as "Pisschrist", which appears on Demanufacture. "Ulceration" is named after the band's original name. "Sangre de Niños" ("Children's Blood" in Spanish) was originally featured on one of the Cry Now, Cry Later 7" compilations released under the "Factoría de Miedo" moniker. "Soulwound" (a bonus track for Obsolete) is not a renamed and re-recorded version of "Soulwomb". The opening guitar riff in "Echoes of Innocence" was used as a synthesized motif in "A Therapy for Pain", the final track on Demanufacture. The title also appears in that song as a lyric.

Track listing[edit]

1."Big God/Raped Souls"Bell, Cazares, Herrera2:36
2."Arise Above Oppression"Bell, Cazares, Herrera1:57
3."Concrete"Bell, Cazares, Herrera2:28
4."Crisis"Bell, Cazares, Herrera3:33
5."Escape Confusion"Cazares, Herrera3:37
6."Sangre de Niños"Bell, Cazares, Herrera2:03
7."Soulwomb"Bell, Cazares, Herrera2:35
8."Echoes of Innocence"Bell, Cazares, Herrera3:04
9."Dragged Down by the Weight of Existence"Bell, Cazares, Herrera2:42
10."Deception"Bell, Cazares, Herrera0:29
11."Desecrate"Bell, Cazares, Herrera2:37
12."Suffer Age"Cazares, Herrera3:45
13."Anxiety"Bell, Cazares, Herrera1:39
14."Self Immolation"Bell, Cazares, Herrera2:34
15."Piss Christ"Bell, Cazares, Herrera2:41
16."Ulceration"Bell, Cazares, Herrera2:45
Total length:41:44


Writing, performance and production credits are adapted from the album liner notes.[4]


Fear Factory[edit]

Additional musicians[edit]

  • Dave Gibney − spoken word on "Big God", vocals on "Raped Souls"


Visual art[edit]


  • Blackie Lawless's Fort Apache Studio, Los Angeles, CA, USA – engineering, mixing
  • Oasis Mastering, Los Angeles, CA, USA – mastering


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