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Healix’s pre-assignment Medical Screening is incorporated in new medical plans for expats

Published Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Willis and Now Health have partnered with Healix to launch the first medical plans incorporating pre-assignment screening aimed at firms with small numbers of expats.

Willis Employee Benefits Limited has partnered with Now Health International and Healix International to offer clients with fewer than 99 expatriates unique, flexible and affordable medical plans designed to fulfil employees’ healthcare needs outside their home country.

A special feature of the medical plan is access to online pre-assignment medical screening for employees and their dependents. Michelle Bishop, Client Development Manager, Willis Employee Benefits, said: “There are limited products available on the market that enable up-front risk management specific to an employee’s health. This will be the first medical plan to include pre-assignment screening as standard.”

Many of the illnesses and health related problems suffered by business travellers and expatriates whilst overseas are both predictable and preventable. However large numbers of business travellers, expatriates, and their families are sent overseas with pre-existing medical conditions with little or no knowledge about how those conditions may best be managed in their destination countries. This results in significant disruption, failed assignments, and, in many cases, serious illness, unplanned medical evacuations and significant costs.

Tony Powis, CEO of Willis Employee Benefits, said: “One of the key concerns our multinational clients raise is in relation to assignment failure. The benefits of pre-assignment screening are wide-ranging and it is an excellent risk mitigation tool for managing some of the broader risks associated with a globally mobile workforce. By integrating this within the medical plan we are able to deliver to our clients a more effective solution.”

For risk managers, the screening provided by Healix allows the provision of management information on medical risks associated with the location, specific to the employee and their family, prior to the assignment taking place and information on the potential long term cost implications for the organisation.

For HR professionals, it allows an auditable process through which employers can fulfil their duty of care requirements by facilitating pre-trip advice and guidance which is specific to the individual’s medical needs and location of assignment. This simple feature also acts as a method of reducing employee liability exposure.

The medical plan is administered by Now Health International, and the pre-assignment screening element is provided by Healix International.

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Many employees go on international assignment unaware of their personal health, Occupational Health and destination risks. MedFit is a health screening programme that provides clients with the global infrastructure and medical resources to minimise these risks.

Minimising medical risks not only satisfies your duty of care but helps safeguard your investment.  Failed cross-border assignments are expensive. and a medical evacuation is not only an unexpected cost but may impact your reputation. Pre-assignment medical checks that are not managed, standardised and auditable can be a drain on your resources and time.  Not only that, but without a deep understanding of employee risk profiles, they will be poorly targeted. 

MedFit mitigates these risks by using a structured, medically led, pre-assignment and periodic medical screening programme.  We provide your personnel with the tools they need to maximise the chances of their assignment running smoothly.

MedFit programmes deliver:

  • Medically led pre-assignment and periodic screening including vaccinations, malaria chemoprophylaxis and TB screening
  • Tailored medical examinations and fitness conclusions aligned with your company risk profile
  • Global co-ordination of appointment administration  and recall for certificate expiry
  • Dedicated MedFit provider network
  • Annual health trend reporting
  • Tailored company portal
  • Medical data storage.  

To ensure your MedFit programme is aligned with your company’s needs, our Occupational Health Physicians assist you in designing the appropriate medical examination criteria. MedFit is a complete, managed programme.  A credentialed network is aligned with your locations, a single point of contact for all appointments and online tools support the programme for personnel and HR/HSE teams. 

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