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The terms ‘dissertation’ and ‘thesis’ are used interchangeably around the world, but dissertation usually (but not always) refers to a research project produced for a Masters level award (e.g.MA, MSc, MBA), whilst ‘thesis’ usually refers to a doctoral level text produced toward the end of doctoral studies (e.g. for a PhD or other doctoral class award eg. M.Phil).

Library Holdings

The Library holds Final Year Psychology undergraduate dissertations.

The Library does not hold any University of Liverpool Masters Dissertations online or within the Library. If you wish to see University of Liverpool dissertations submitted for Masters Degrees, you should consult your tutors for information on sample dissertations. Alternatively, you can contact your Department or School to consult a previous dissertation.

External Collections

The University of Liverpool Library provides access to a range of external dissertation and theses collections. You can search for Masters level dissertations worldwide via collections such as ProQuest, NDL-SCIRUS, and OAIster.

Online Programmes

If you are an Online student, Laureate retain sample dissertations which you should be able to view in LENS. Your dissertation advisor or SSM should be able to provide you with access to these samples. These samples are masters dissertations which were submitted for online programmes. If you still have problems accessing sample dissertations after contacting your tutor or SSM, please contact our Online Support Librarian


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What do I need to do?

When accessing websites using a web browser, ensure you use the latest available version of the browser – whether that is Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or another browser. Using the latest version keeps you safe online because you're using the most up-to-date security settings.

Why is this happening?

Although TLS 1.0, when configured properly, has no known security vulnerabilities, newer protocols are designed better to address the potential for new vulnerabilities.

The PCI Data Security Standard 3.1 recommends disabling “early TLS”:

“SSL and early TLS are not considered strong cryptography and cannot be used as a security control after June 30, 2016 [without a mitigation strategy for disabling it before June 2018].


The best response is to disable SSL entirely and migrate to a more modern encryption protocol, which at the time of publication is a minimum of TLS v1.1, although entities are strongly encouraged to consider TLS v1.2.”

We need to be PCI-compliant to take online payments at the University. It is not sufficient to merely disable TLS 1.0 on our transaction tracking system as the requirement extends to any system that initiates a payment, including car parking, printer credits, the Warwick website, etc.

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