Office Supplies Case Study

At Dunn’s Business Solutions, our customer’s successes are our successes. When we’re able to help our customers reduce their office equipment and supply costs and improve their business processes, that’s when we know we’ve done our job well.

Below you’ll see just a few ways that we’ve been able to help our customers overcome hefty equipment costs and operating budgets and transform their office workflows from the inside out.

Fairview Area Schools Saved Over $400/Month by Leasing New Copiers

They were working with 6 – 9 year old copiers and digging into their pockets monthly just to keep their equipment functioning. Find out how our office equipment team was able to help this school upgrade to the latest high-tech equipment while saving over $400/ month instantly! Read Case Study »


How One School Upgraded Their Copiers Free of Interest

This Northern Michigan school was using copy machines that dated almost 10 years old, resulting in sluggish printing speed, limited capabilities and high monthly expenses. However, with a little help from our team, they were able to upgrade eight of their machines for free and start cutting their monthly expenses. Read Case Study »


Local Church Upgraded Their Copiers & Cut Their Costs in Half

With a limited budget but a desire to create beautiful, printed documents for their church body and marketing pieces, First Congregational Church was stuck between two conflicting ideas. Keeping in mind how important each of those areas were to them, our copier experts were able to provide the perfect solution to keep them on budget while giving them the tools and flexibility to create exactly what they needed. Read Case Study »

Midwest Office Products Case Essay

701 WordsAug 13th, 20123 Pages

Midwest Office Products 1. Calculate the following a. The cost of processing cartons through the facility i. Warehouse Expense ($2,000,000) + [Personnel Expense – Delivery Driver Expense] ($2,320,000) = $4,320,000 1. $4,320,000 / 80,0000 = $54/carton Cost of entering customer orders | | Order entry expenses | | $840,000 | | hours worked per employee (16) | 1,500 | | | Total hours worked | 24,000 | | | Cost per hour worked | | $35 | | | | | | time to enter information (hours) | 0.15 | $5.25 | /hour | time per line item (hours) | 0.075 | $2.63 | /hour | time to verify electronic info (hours) | 0.10 | $3.50 | /hour | 1500 is used because you are trying to determine…show more content…

Midwest Office Products’ (MOP) current costing system, is not very accurate because it includes all expenses in each order, although that specific order may not utilize a certain activity that causes that expense. For instance, all orders include both desktop delivery expense and freight expense, when only one of those delivery methods are utilized. Through the ABC method you can see which delivery methods are more damaging to your bottom line, since ABC allows you to focus on the activities causing that cost. By

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